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The Concept

EBharatam. is the first innovative venture to embrace a New Era, and a new way for the people to do business. The company's mission is to simplify the access of every Indian living in cities or innermost part of the country with the outermost part of the world and that too at affordable and reasonable cost and provide Technology and Infrastructure which will be a backbone of every E-Commerce Business in the Country.

The company's mission is to simplify the access of every Indian living in the cities or in the remotest parts of the country to the every possible facility. We are keen to render the geographical distance ineffective. And our effort concentrates on providing this all to everyone at affordable and reasonable cost. 

Our massive network enables a smooth, swift and timely delivery of products and services in any part of the country. We have got a team in place to constantly monitor and control the entire process and execution of our varied functions. Thousands of our executives and associates are going to bring India on one platform. 

By becoming an Associate of EBharatams, you will be like a, Placement Agency, Advt., Agency or Marriage Bureau, Real Estate Consultancy Human Resources Consultancy, Academic Consultancy, a, an Internet Kiosk, or Cyber-Cafe, a Business Center all rolled into one! In fact there will be many more applications, including News media.

Every transaction done through you will get you money. Surely, you will not like to miss the opportunity of lifetime. The UNIQUE SERVICES will enable the Associates to do business with pleasure at the same time earn large profits.


By becoming Business Associate of EBharatam you will have your business spread all across the country. It is the business of the present as also the future. EBharatam will provide you with the best and the largest backbone of Digital India: By setting up thousands of multifunctional Associates centers will be connected through the Internet and physical network. EBharatam will deliver the finest service besides being the biggest link of the country.

The Philosophy

EBharatam is not going to limit themselves only to the urban areas. In fact, the company is going to spread its network acros the country. Each and every person from any part of the country can avail and have an access to the company's services. To facilitate the reach of the services, the company is going to establish a huge network across the length and breadth of the country. To actualize this revolutionary vision, we needed an integrated, extensive, yet simple network which takes even the last man of the society into its fold. Thus after an intense and profound research, our innovative team decided to use the three easiest ways to reach out people

• Online, • Authorized centre, • Representatives 

Three modes of services offered by us compliment each other very well. In fact, this will enable us to get to and serve more diverse pool of people.

The Strategy

The prime concern of EBharatam is to ensure that each and every one of its Associate enjoys the return on investment and enhance the business. Hence the marketing strategy would try emphasizing on increasing the returns to an Associate.

The Products and Services that are being launched in the first phase are designed to fulfill and accomplish the already existing need and demands of the society. In order to get these demands and 

needs converted into business EBharatam, would work on 3 prompt strategies:

Proportionate Income For All : The prime objective of EBharatam is to ensure that each and everyone of our Associates enjoys the complete return of his investment  and effort and subsequently gets to enhance his business. Hence, the marketing strategy revolves around an approach of holistic growth.

 Marketing strategy:  As a part of our marketing strategy, our Associates keep visiting the people in institutes, organizations, shops, places, villages, etc and in general and informing and explaining them about our services. They keep a regular touch with these potential customers and keep them updated about our services and business-offers. 

Local Promotion: Our Business Associate have got to advertise our company's services in their respective areas. They will promote the company's programmes by distributing pamphlets, brochures and putting up banners within their activity areas. Associates will be keeping a tab in their allotted areas and having good and detailed information of the inhabitants. Through their interaction with these people they will stir curiosity in them for our services. 

Other Promotional Inputs will be:

1. TV Advertisement                                                       2. Hoardings & banners

3. AM/FM radio                                                    4. Event Management

5. Sponsorships                                                    6. Direct mailers

7. Internet Advertisements                                          8. Lucky draw for gifts & prizes

9. Frequent user reward points                               10. Mail boxes at strategic locations


The Offer 

Any individual belonging to any profession, but with a zeal to excel in life qualifies to become our associate. Be it a bank, a placement agency, an advertising agency, marriage bureau, real estate consultancy, human resources consultancy, academic consultancy, a post office, an internet kiosk, cyber-café or a business center, we invite one and all.

  1. EBharatam offers you business which is the idea of today and tomorrow. 
  2. Viewing the fast growth in service sector prospects of growth of EBharatam Associates are encouraging.
  3. You become an entrepreneur and Master of your own establishment/business.
  4. Becoming an Associate of EBharatam, your office gets connected with thousands of centers spread all over the country and internationally.      
  5. EBharatam gives you fabulous returns. The profits grow year after year.
  6. It is entirely a revenue-based business. Each 'Transaction' done by the Associate generates revenue.
  7. EBharatam has unparallel services and strong business model that no other Company has.        
  8. You will be a part of a large network with strong brand image which will help you in your business and at the same time give you social status.

The Associate

“Good workmanship is not cheap and cheap workmanship is not good.”


The key to success: EBharatam believes that its success depends on right strategy, and human network of Associates. That is why we need you; we need you as a fellow dreamer and fellow profit maker and we need you to create history together.

What EBharatam offers you?          

Power branding is today’s surest method of creating wealth in the Service Industry: EBharatam is committed in creating a power brand: for instant direct marketing, promotions, and mass media communications. We will ensure that wherever a customer interacts with us, ’EBharatam’ brand speaks one integrated voice. The kind of business our company generates will be unbelievable and unparallel in the country.

How will EBharatam achieve this?

By selection of right Associates, locating the centers at right place, putting right technology in use and backing it up with a service oriented Management team and strong Brand Image.

Handpick: For our Associates, we are looking for dynamic and result-oriented collaborators who have the zeal to excel in life and earn handsome income..

Train: EBharatam plans to invest full efforts in training simply because one of you will also monitor and supervise the business in your area. But yes, as an Associate, you will be an integral part of ”EBharatam” and master of your business.

Retain: EBharatam will ensure that its transparent profit sharing will keep the best of you within the EBharatam family for generations!

Associate Type: We have different levels of Associates on the basis of professional responsibility and credibility, capacity to invest, availability of infrastructure, efficiency and business ability. They are State , City , Town , ABCs, BDA, and Re-seller. 

 Authorised Business Centres (ABC): They are the most reliable and responsible and active face in the market. ABCs generates business on his own. They are responsible to delivering services straight to the common mass. Service Centres have a huge potential of business at their hubs directly from the market. 

ABCs are the strongest link in our chain. ABCs will be our direct representative and our face in the public. They get the best trade and service opportunities. ABCs can be, Business entrepreneurs, Professionals, Qualified Individuals, Retired Professionals or anybody who wants to start excellent venture  by associating with . ABC can appoint BDA And Reseller 

Business Development Associate (BDA): BDA is the strongest link in our chain. He or she will be our direct representative and our face in the public. BDA gets the best of trade and service opportunities. BDA can associate with us on part or full-time basis. They will operate business from their home and ensure doorstep delivery of services in their area. 

Re-SellerWe welcome all entrepreneurs having office or computer in any location of across the country having zeal to excel their earning and growth or want to add a new venture with their existing business to enhance their income with nominal investment and effort. No matter he is running his business in urban area or rural area in posh colony or in slum area every area is potential area and every segment is potential segment. So don’t miss the chance to associate yourself today and enjoy the opportunity knocking your door.


The Requirements

"Infrastructure to Be Provided By an Associate"

Depending upon the types of Associates, we offer different options for investment infrastructures for different Associate programmes. One who has laboring abilities and others who have investing capacities to the optimum level possible. 

Thus, we have different range of programmes. One can start business from their home or from their existing business premises and one can create independent infrastructure for starting our business. We have different limitation and condition for our different Associate programmes. Choice is yours! Judge your abilities and decide the best programme as you feel to choose.

Role & Responsibility of The Associates

  • An Associate will have 24 hours connectivity. He will be trained for basic knowledge of the equipment which will keep the network, connected all the time. 
  • Promote, create awareness, and sell the concept along with the brand name to the people in the assigned territory.
  • To provide zero error customer service by giving the best services to the people.
  • Remit the collections as per the requirements of the company without any delay. 
  • Keeping the Head Office informed about any competitors in their respective areas.
  • Should keep the premise attractive and presentable at all given time in order to enhance business. 

Advantages for Associate                              

Following are the advantages of being an Associate:

  • Attractive commission.
  • Huge earning potential. 
  • Opportunities unlimited. 
  • Huge target segment. 
  • Educated and uneducated both can benefit out of it. 
  • Coverage across the country.
  • Business can be started from anywhere.
  • Flexible Investment Module.
  • High return on Investment.
  • Wide range of services to meet requirement of masses.
  • Excellent Training and Support.
  • Complete transparency in transaction. 
  • Minimum Competition.

Advantages for Advertiser

Following are the advantages of being an Advertiser:

  • Unlimited coverage across the country throughout the year.
  • Unlimited visibility and mileage.
  • Year long exposure 
  • Brand building
  • Targeted People
  • Regular Feedback and Report
  • Value for Money through mass awareness
  • Cost of promotion reduced
  • No requirements of booking stalls, transportation of products, and hiring staffs.
  • No stationary required.
  • Our network is offering you the most effective and economical media or promotion of your products/services.

   Advantages for General User

Following are the advantages of being a General User:

  • Services available round the clock.
  • Updated data base.
  • Multiple Options and opportunity.
  • Verified Services 
  • Customer - Centric Service 
  • No Queue.
  • Access from any where 
  • Easy and fast Accessibility
  • Cost Effective Services
  • Door step deliver of Services
  • No language Barrier

Our Services are so much effective that no one will face any kind of barriers for using our services. Yes!      By clearing all difficulties and breaking all the barriers; we commit to serve you at your door step.


Our Services

“EBharatam,” Offers multi services that can be availed by any one, at any time from any part of country.


Business Directories Cafe: “IndiaCafes.com” provides the Directory of Manufacturers, Traders, Industries, Dealers and Distributors, NGOs, Govt. and Private Offices, Organizations, Company, Corporate, Institutions, Individuals and Professionals for your search and enlistment. In short, we provide all kinds of services regarding Business Directory. 

2.  Matrimonial Cafe: We provide the best matrimonial services to all religions, castes, creed and communities to find bride and groom respectively on a single ’Telephone Call’ from any corner of the country. Matrimonial Service facilities and marriage negotiations become easier with the help of our vast network. 

3.  Job CafeWe, at EBharatam, offer job opportunities for all categories and all fields, starting from top executive to the peon, guard and driver. Similarly, the Job provider will have the facility to select the suitable candidate from among the crore of data of job seekers available on EBharatam. 

4.  Classified CafeIf you want to sell or buy anything and looking for official, field and personal staff, you can avail our Classified Service through “EBharatam” You can practically find anything. Online advertising is alternative to auctions. Trade, pets, autos, homes, computers, and fashion merchandise. All are available here. 

5.  Real Estate CafeYour best search for the sale and purchase of property of all kinds in your locality and anywhere in the country along with their enlisting can be done through EBharatam. ’EBharatam Online Real Estate’ provides a common platform for property owners, potential buyers & property dealers. We have comprehensive listings of agricultural, residential & commercial property in all the major as well as small towns and rural India.

6.  Health and Medical CafeAll kinds of doctors, hospitals, nursing’s, blood banks, eye banks, and many more medical services are available through EBharatam For example: Allergies, Diabetes, Back and Neck, Bone and Joints, Cancer, ENT care, Eye and Vision, Pregnancy, Heart, and many others. So, as per the present requirement of the masses of the society, health and medical services and in formation are available with us. You just need to give a call to the Customer Care.

7. Exhibition CafeYou can display your exhibition countrywide online, and promote your business through our company. “EBharatam” is the world’s first and largest interactive online exhibition centre offering an easy overview of market opportunities and convenient business contacts throughout the year.

8.  Education CafeAcademic services of all forms are available through “EBharatam.” The Services under Academic & Career provide excellent academic and career opportunity. Like: Management, Medical, Arts, Health, Engineering, Advertising, Journalism, Photography and Business Management. Besides, we offer Computer Education Training.

      You can avail services of promoting Computer Education Training Centers with the assistance of our Computer Education Program. Also, we provide Vocational Courses Program under EBharatam Career Academy. 

      Students can avail the facility of taking coaching from best teachers in any subject online and from any district headquarters or cities of India. E-Learning in fact bridges the gap between the teacher and the students.

9.  Spiritual and Religious CafeWe offer services to perform all kinds of rituals, for example – online Pooja, online Pind dan, and Bandera – these are just a few of so many other services. These are becoming the necessity of our society. In this fast paced life, people don’t find the relevant person to perform the religious rituals. They encounter a lot of difficulties without any result. But now, we promise to address these long standing problems of the society. Within no time, any one can get the service and perform the desired rituals. 

 10. Astrology CafeEverybody wants to know about tomorrow and the next moment. And on that basis, they seek the    help of astrology. This even includes Vaastu and Fengsui both. Needless to say, Indian astrology is the study of the subtle energies, which make up our world. It predicts about the future of human beings according to their horoscope. All said and done, but people even now don’t find the right astrologer who can tell everything to their satisfaction. Sensing these problems, “EBharatam,” assures you the best services regarding this, anytime round the clock. 

11.                   Tourism CafeIt plays a great role for human beings and in the economy of a country. “EBharatam.” provides Tourism Service to promote it among all sections of people, living in any corner of the country by making them aware of all the tourist spots and how to reach them by proper route and how much cost they will have to pay for. Its package under Tourism Service provides the total information needed to go on a tour anywhere. It also tells in detail about land, air and sea rout to reach desired tourist spot and the availability of food and lodging there.

12.                  Media and Advertising CafeSearch the advertising agencies of your choice, requirement and the best platform for them to enlist with“EBharatam.” Now, market has become highly competitive with a new brand being born almost everyday. Every agency claims it can give you the best return and wide advertisement from Print media, and Electronic media, so advertise through my agencies. But in reality, we have no match in all India accessibility. So, you have to decide, you want limited return or unlimited return. Choice is yours!

13.                   Consultation CafeWe make services easy for you. You can just associate with us. Now! We provide on line Consultancy related to Medical, Education, Finance, Astrology, Job consultancy, Matrimonial, Real estates, Small and medium business, Enterprise solution, IT infrastructure solution, Business Management, Health, Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, etc. We deal in all kinds of Consultancies. We also provide legal services starting from Bank to Criminal problems. We assure the best and quality services for solutions of all types of court and kachhary related problems, and many more services…..!

14.                  Talent CafeIf you have talents and you are from any field, you can associate with us. We will explore your talents for the best use. Here the emphasis is on performing arts like: Music, Arts, Dance, and others. You are educated or even none educated. No matter which background you are from. Also does not matter–you are youth or retired person. Our services are open to all. 

15 Shopping CafeWe offer you the best shopping options! Shop for anything with just a click of the mouse or contact our Customer Care Services. Select the product you want and get delivered at your door step within no time. We have made online shopping so easy as never before. Our services are completely clients focused, that we give you total trouble-free solutions. You just give order and are rest assured with safe and secure delivery. Even we provide special packages related to Gift and Greeting card services for your best possible satisfaction. 

16. Finance CafeAccess to financial services is limited in most rural areas of our Indian societies because of high transaction costs and risks attributed to low levels of economic activity. Financial Services have the potential to make vast contributions to the rural India, but remain underdeveloped in most parts of our country due to outdated legal frameworks, no proper Telecommunication facilities, low capacity, lack of an appropriate regulatory framework, and poor supervision. But we have all to offer without any difficulties.

17. Agro-CafeWe provide the best solutions for all types of agriculture related problems. Agriculture related Credit Cards, Seeds for farming. “EBharatam” offers services of agriculture, and plantation, packing and packaging, construction and windbreak.

      We are also involved in providing horticulture, garden cleaning services, garden beautification and designing services, planting vegetables and herb gardens. Agro-World consultancy provides agro services, planting vegetables and herb gardens. Also, Agro consultancy provides agro services including scientific assistance for bio organic farming, soil testing services, Water testing services, pest diagnosis services, residue services, Irrigation land for commercial plantation and soil sampling and many more services. Finally, all those you can imagine in rural agricultural India. 

Note: For more services log on to –’www.EBharatam.’    

Marketing, Strategy, Planning, Implementation Advertising

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.”


A one-of-a-kind opportunity you need to succeed in marketing field is –EBharatam’s “Marketing Mantra.” It has been described till date, the least expensive and most effective marketing tool which is why it’s getting huge popularity and advance booking country-wide. Our marketing part in a general term is for a wide array of activities: covering from Yellow pages to Advertising, Branding, Communications, Relationship-building efforts, Matrimonial and Job Consultancy services and many more all conducted over E-Resource Centre. EBharatam’s marketing defines all the things your business does on line to find, attract, win, generate revenue, and keep customers and clients visiting the E-Resource Centre. Our services offer you lower cost, credibility, most fundamentally, the services of your complete choices. 

On the top of everything, our E-Resource Centre, DSAs and Re-sellers should put up banners at prominent places within the vicinity of their E-Resource Centre and distribute the pamphlets, post cards and also do wall painting to develop a strong curiosity about the services that we provide among the public. Advertisement material and our presentation should be of such quality as could be strikingly visible in the market. From promotional point of view, we suggest our City Associates to open E-Resource Centers at prominent places in the market. Once we become able to make the people aware, there would  automatically start a flow of business. 

The key issue is to understand the marketing segment of EBharatam. Its options and marketing benefits the E-Resource Centre can deliver to the clients. Focus on what E-Resource Centre can do to the customers, rather than the how. Therefore, our strategy is to be the leader and not the follower in the market segment of the IT industry. 


Price and selling effort Strategy: As per EBharatam’s policy, the price and selling strategy need to appear in such a manner, this should be the cheapest and highly cost effective for the clients, so that doing business should seem a very advantageous dealing.

Defensive Strategy: Not only the company has to do the heavy business in the market but it has to protect its interest also. 

Competitors anticipated strategy: By your unique strategy, the Company will be able to forecast in advance about competitors move in the market. 

A cost Leadership Strategy: is based on the concept that you can produce in market a good quality product or service at a lower cost than your competitors. These low costs should translate to profit margins that are higher than the industry average.

A differentiation Strategy: is one of creating a product or service that is perceived as being unique ”throughout the industry”. The emphasis can be on brand image, proprietary technology, special features, superior service, a strong 

Distributor network or other aspects that might be specific to the industry.

A focus Strategy: It is based on the concept of serving a particular target in such an exceptional manner, those others cannot compete.

Right strategy creating “a sale mentality” means that you need to acknowledge you’re in business to make money through selling and that your customers need to become accustomed to having you sell and seeing things for sale all over your websites.

Planning: It ensures carrying out business executions and transactions. Country Associates, State Associates, City Associates, all are required to involve into modes of Revenue earning Mechanism, Branding, Accessibility, Targeting, Business promotions and other kinds of Company related policies require to be carried out. It further stresses as to how the entire business operation will be made a high profit earning making organization. While the lower order of the hierarchy is involved in direct policy execution and implementation. 


EBharatam believes ABC AND DSA is the “face of the company.” It is the most active Associate which is directly related to the grassroots public dealing. It is the one which convinces the people about the products, ser vices, promotions, new launches, and motivational tool. It is DSA which invites people to visit E-Resource Centre for all kinds of products, services and business dealings. DSA generates the market and creates sources marketing or sales program to focus on the revenue generation out of that. 

If DSA Pursues aggressive marketing benefits cum aware ness program of EBharatam India, in the public mind, this help ensure the highest return from the market. To implement the business strategy, DSA and Resellers need to use three types of market segments: 

  • Geographic segmentation: place/location
  • Demographic segmentation: education, income, family, gender, age, religion, etc.
  • Psychographic segmentation: personality, social status, and vision towards life. 

So, what DSA has to ensure in the first step is that to draw visitors to the E-Resource Centre. Second step is to convert those first time visitors into customers by persuading them to make a purchase or register with the site, etc., and thirdly, customers who return to the site one or more times after making their first purchase are retained customers. 

The role of Re-seller is also very important. It’s direct and indirect both. The greater the visit the greater the traffic for E-Resource Centre will be. Finally, it’s the DSA which can take the business to an all time high. 

If our DSA visits a family and brief about all our services in detail and takes order for posting under Matrimonial services, there is then every possibility that the same family will seek job service for the unemployed members, real estate for renting and purchasing of property, tourism for excursions, Yellow Page for enlistment of professional activities and Classified Services for anything to sell and purchase.

Advertisement Campaigning:

The Company takes the responsibility of Central Promotion through TV channels and National daily newspapers and the 

local promotion of business is the responsibility of Associates.

To arouse awareness among the people about our business, it is very useful for our Associates to concentrate on the vigorous advertisement campaigning through different sources of media: 

  1. Television
  2. Local Cable TV
  3. Newspapers
  4. Posting on Internets
  5. Banners
  6. Posters
  7. Pamphlets
  8. Leaflets
  9. Stickers
  10. Social gatherings
  11. Religious Rituals 
  12. Educational Institutes
  13. All Kinds of Fairs
  14. Visiting Card
  15. Umbrella 
  16. Wall Painting 
  17. Cap, T-Shirt, (Embossed with the Name of Services and Web Portal)

The promotion of services matters most in the growth of business–so is media advertisement. Unless and until people become aware of the services and their utilities, how will they avail them? The quality of service and its promotion in the market play the vital role in the growth of business. As Company makes no compromise on the quality of services, Associate  should provide them to customers sincerely, properly and responsibly. These attributes will enhance their credibility in the market. Once they establish credibility and integrity in the market, their business will flourish fast. 

To establish leadership in the market, all promotional means should be applied to make the services provided by EBharatam “a household name,” among the public. After joining associate programme, the first and foremost task for Associate is the promotion of services in the market. We have to create awareness among the masses about our services through vigorous, cost effective and affordable advertisement in the market. We have a net of associate, who are well aware of their surroundings. They can use stickers to paste on every auto-rickshaw, rickshaw, motor bike, public places and bus to make people aware of our services. 

The mode of our advertisement should be attractive so that it could catch the public attention easily. Apart from the nationwide publicity and propaganda through print and electronic media by the Company, the City Associates should do advertisement through Local Cable Network, newspapers, posters, banners, pamphlets, stickers and personal contacts. 

An atmosphere should be created in such a way that could give the message to the people that they can address to all their needs in day-to-day life through the services provided by EBharatam. They should campaign in such a vigorous way among the people of all sections as to create an impression that our services address their each and every requirement. 

Without clear visibility and strong public awareness campaign, we can not expect the desired result. As all our services address public need in day-to-day life in one way or the other, each and every person is our target. So, we will try to reach every client to ensure business success.

Conclusion: To make the business of “EBharatam” a world class and successful, “Marketing, Strategy, Planning, Implementation and Advertisement” have to be firmly addressed to ensure complete execution of the Company’s vision and unparallel revenue generation. 

EBharatam's General Marketing Strategy

“EBharatam” has general marketing techniques in place. These are valid for all kinds of marketing strategy and promotion services and projects of the company. For Job Matrimonial and Yellow pages, one has to be perfectly trained in knowledge, convincing and result so that there remains no confusion regarding all the details and opportunities to the customers or clients. 

As a part of marketing strategy, one needs to visit the People, Institutes, Organizations, Places, Villages, Mohllas, Chowks, Markets, Tea Stalls, etc., and convince them about our services what we offer. In the very first introduction, tell them the purpose of the visit and the mission of the company. The very objectives, strategy, and how do we implement it. 

The concerned person, authority, or the general public, customers, and the clients have to be convinced about we offer attractive commission, which has huge potential, opportunity unlimited, huge target segment. It is not necessary that only a high qualified person will do it. What matters is that you are able to do the business. 

Now, can you create any differences in your life pattern and life styles or not that matters in reality. Even if, some body is simply a 12th class pass can do the business provided he/she has the ability to grow and achieve the vision of the company. Many a times, it has been seen that some body is educated but the required skill of generating the business and market understanding is not there, it may be difficult for them to do the business. 

On the other hand, if the person understands the mission and vision of life to earn and grow can do very well in this company and oneself. We give you all India coverage. You have the opportunity to start the business from any where. The upper line of the hierarchy (Country Associate, State Associate, and City Associate) will be involved in branding, policy making, propagating, promoting and advertising the business. Besides, they will make sure that the entire policy of “EBharatam” is reflected from top to the bottom; while carrying out the business. 

Secondly, for those who want to invest, they can do so even through a flexi module. The best part of our company is---- one can get the best possible returns and far better than any other source of the Investment. As a marketing strategy for “EBharatam,” any client and customer can get all kinds of services. There will be complete transparency in the business transaction. Another plus point is that there will be no competitor in the market which can really compete with us on the marketing front.

Marketing for Advertiser is the best sources and chances to get the maximum return due to unlimited coverage across the country throughout the year. One can have unlimited visibility and mileage, year long exposure, brand building, targeted People, regular feedback and report, value for money through mass awareness. One will have cost of promotion reduced, no requirements of booking stalls, transportation of products, and hiring staffs, all socio-economic, from all locations with all educational background people can take advantages of our services. More so, no stationary is required, our network is offering you the most effective and economic media or promotion of your products/services.

EBharatam” assures you better marketing strategy which associate will let you ensure to work in conditions according to your easy time. Any customer or client can have easy traffic, easy accessibility, door step services, there will no barrier of any form, not even geographical, social, language, distance, or any other kind of barriers. Yes! By breaking all the barriers; the marketing part will give the customers unlimited choices and options which Conclusion: To conclude, “EBharatam” offers the best branded world class marketing and informative services to the customers and clients. This is done across the last man and the common people from rural area to the urban and cities of the country and the abroad.

Guidelines For Users/Associates/Customer 

For any queries/services: 

1.  Customers need not pay more than the amount described in the packages.

2   Customers   are also  advised  to   collect  the  receipts for   any  cash transactions between  Agents  and   Companies. 

3.   They should   confirm  the  receipt   of  the  payment from   the  company  at  the earliest  possible.

4.  Money    once paid for any    services is neither transferable nor refundable.

5.  No malpractices for business dealings   between the parities allowed.

6.  All   business  transactions  required   to be  carried  out   as  per  company   norms, and  for  any   malpractices  company  will not  be   responsible.