Hindu.live (a Social Media Channel) is an initiative of DHARAM BHANDAR.COM PVT. LTD., where the followers of Hinduism who constitute 15-16% of the global population to come join hands to explore the World’s third largest religion.  A single largest online social media platform experimented & based on an existing popular social media platform which is purely dedicated for Hindutva / Hinduism and its followers.

 Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world. Hinduism is also known as "Sanatan Dharm – the eternal tradition, way beyond human history" describing philosophies of Vaishnavism, Shaivism and other practices found in Indian subcontinent with origin way back from the Vedic times.  A religion – a social culture system with designated behaviors, ethics, morals, practices, places, texts etc., also regarded as a faith that provides norms, religious practices which include rituals, sermons, deity worship, sacrifices, festivals, prayer, meditation, music, art, dance and other aspects of human culture.  Religions have sacred histories, narratives preserved in sacred scriptures, symbols with holy places of it which are followed by human worldwide traditionally on faith that is considered as religious beliefs. 

Hindu.live – A single largest online social media platform to post / discuss / write / advertise/ share topics based on Hinduism like: 

  1.  Sanatana Dharm 
  2.  Vaidika Dharm 
  3.  Vaishnavism 
  4.  Shaivism 
  5.  Shaktism 
  6.  Vedanta 
  7.  Upanishada 
  8.  Yoga 
  9.  Bhakti 
  10.  Dharshanas (Philosophy) – discussion on early philosophers like Tulsi Das, Sant Kabir to modern philosophers like Raja Ram Mohan Ray, Vivekananda etc. 

Followed on the principles and Hindu tradition of questioning authority in order to deepen the understanding of these truths 

Hindu.live shall also enrich the minds of its followers: 

with many unknown facts and details related to Hinduism/Hindutva through vedic scholars / students from prominent Sanskrit Universities around India. 

  1.  With uploaded digitalized religious e-books. 
  2.  Hindu Directory (first directory of its kind) 
  3.  Temple Directory 
  4.  Preist Directory 
  5.  Rituals Directory 

Apart being a sharing platform, Hindu.live shall also enrich the Hindu community with daily darshan of 21 prominent temple of worship around India and facility to hold – e-puja, e-aarti & e-yagna. 

 On Commercial angle the platform can invite paid advertisement / branding. 


A visionary concept to safeguard the diminishing Hindutva/Hinduism around the globe.    

Hindu.live aims to arise all Hindus around the globe to brace the greatness and depth of Hinduism/Hindutva, to feel proud of being a part of this and to invoke their spirit and mind towards safeguarding this ancient old religion. 

To revoke the diminishing Indian / Hinduvta practices. 

To preach nationality & Indian culture, its morals along with character building. 

Some of the possible topics on the portal:

  1.  Cosmogony (a theory regarding the origin of universe)
  2.  Religion-related articles
  3.  Life stance of Hindu Gurus
  4.  List of foods with religious symbolism
  5.  List of religious texts
  6.  Outline of religion
  7.  Religion & happiness 
  8.  Religion and peacebuilding 
  9. Social conditioning
  10.  Socialization etc
  11. A mission to bring all Hindus practicing Hindutva/Hinduism under one roof and to uprise this vedic age old religion back to its peak.  
  12. An initiative on a major scale to revive the degrading culture & society of Hinduism in India/globe.