Radio HinduLive


Defining Hinduism and explaining its doctrines is a necessity. An increasing number of Asian Indians reside Globally there are approximately 2 million temples following Hindu principles in our country. Our Radio show allows us the opportunity to communicate, speak of ourselves, and educate people about Vedic philosophy of Hinduism, with its Vedic tenets, teaches the unlimited potential of human character and basic righteousness.  It emphasizes man’s divine nature, teaching Unity of the Divine and the human souls.


  • Sunday 24/7
  • Radio HinduLive
  • Phone: 8860856845


  • Tenets and principles of Hindu Dharma
  • Hindu Calendar and Festival information
  • Hindu news
  • Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta
  • Modern Science & Vedic Knowledge
  • Shlokas, Stotras, Chalisa, Stutis
  • Community calendar
  • Interview with knowledgeable and prominent people
  • Chanting Bhajans
  • Our Glorious History
  • “Quest of Hinduism” – a discussion between you and us about current topics and events
  • “Young Hindu Voice” – Hindu youth participation and views
  • And much more...................