Other glitches Game will randomly go through the blackscreen

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Keep track of what your players are performing on aion classic kinah the LFG. If you don't know what something is, talk to the leader. Sometimes it's an exp grinding group!

in a note about the last point - Take advantage of grinds with other people, it makes life much simpler as not possessing the best gear does not matter so much. And the experiance is definitely worth it !
grinding spots ( asmo ) until about level 30 . That'll give you an idea of exp grinds

It's also a good idea to make something when you're bored or are looking to do a half-afk. I'd put my work schedule and then go off to do something else for a few minutes and then come back to complete the work. I gained multiple levels from crafting. It helped me fill gaps in my XP gaps.

Learn to weave auto attacks if you aren't already . It is a great way to increase DPS. If you're not aware of what they are, it's basically canceling your auto attack animation using a skilled technique, just wait for the auto attack to occur, then and then cancel it with skill. It is possible to do this in such a way that you don't be able to see the animation however the damage will still be there. It is possible to do it on chain skills so you can do it between each skill's duration on chanter.

Crit manastones are a great option. It's going to be difficult to get the kinah right now but you are able to begin to put them in the best equipment that you'll keep for a while. Crit is the chanter's most powerful DPS stat, and with crit you have the ability to knock down the targeted. Just keep at it until you reach the 440 level.

Problem: After the NC launcher starts playing After the game is launched, the NC logo is displayed, followed by the game is black. The black screen remains on for indefinitely. The blackscreen appears when the game starts in normal mode.

Additional Issues Additional Problems: The computer is softlocked after this occurs. While the alt tab feature shows the windows, the blackscreen blocks them and renders it unusable to open other programs. The same thing happens when trying to bring task manager up to shut it down. To remove the softlock, have to use the windows key to turn it off (which closes all active programs). Logging in again brings me back to the beginning.

Other glitches Game will randomly go through the blackscreen until it hits the splash screen. From there it works just well, getting to the login screen, and the game works perfectly. The amount of time this randomly works is NOT an acceptable number to play.

Hello, I'm experiencing the exact same issue, and after Googling around for a while I decided to erase the config.ini within your Aion/bin64 folder. This didn't fix the issue. I then changed the name of the aion.bin in /bin32 folder to one that was different, since it was discovered that for some reason, the euro aion classic buy kinah launcher tried to launch the 32 bit version instead of 64bit that didn't work at all , and would give me same blackscreen right after initial logo.