Beautiful boots, suit top, fancy pants, Proper gloves

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The case of Detective. Your task is to RS gold show that your client isn't innocent of the charges brought against them. You might be accused of theft, burglary, fraud, or even murder. In only a few minutes, you'll need to gather the evidence to prove that you are not guilty.

Starting point: seer's village courthouse. Speak to the person in jail. Needs: King's Ransom, Wanted, For more information, talk to one of the suspects behind the bars. They will inform you that they need an attorney. If you are willing to become an attorney, they will inform you what they were accused of and the location. Request one of the guards to drive you to the place the spot where the crime occurred. You'll have to gather evidence, from a broken window, or even the smallest footprint.

To gather evidence, it is important to remember the things your client is accused of. If it's Burglary, it will be in your home. If it was theft it will be in the public area. If it was fraud, it could be in the public or inside the privacy of your own home. Scamming would place it in an obscure place such as trapdoors. If it was murder, it could have occurred in a house, public place, or concealed place. Look for clues of broken windows , notes, trapdoors hidden from view, disguises, fingerprints, and you might also have to talk to witnesses, or to find out why the victim have been killed. If you believe that you have all the evidence needed, you are able to appeal to court.

Proving guilt to your clients: To prove that your client is innocent, the client must be in court at all times. Don't change the facts, but be sure you are aware of who did it and why. The evidence you collect may be crucial in court.

Rewards levels and reward levels. Each time your client is found innocent, they will reimburse you for it. your pay depends on the amount. There five levels. Once you have completed one, you can move onto the next level or continue the process. When you are finished with the case, your client will also give an element of the suit. The suit includes...

Beautiful boots, suit top, fancy pants, Proper gloves, and leather brief case. The whole outfit (including the brief case) could be used the rings-charos ((a),) in court. if you also have the ring of charos ((a)) on the buy RuneScape gold other hand, you'll always be awarded. The suit you receive is listed in the previous paragraph. We would appreciate your feedback and the amount you're willing to pay.