The second reality is that they're doing it on purpose

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He can be the most intelligent player but the WOW TBC Classic Gold most incompetent game director. They aren't mutually exclusive. I'm not saying he certainly is incompetent, but my impression from the interviews he did is that he don't understand what the players need or he is always in a situation where he's at the stage of no return and wind up doubling down and defending the match layouts.

He gray parses in raid, and runs 1-3 mythic plus dungeons per week even early on in spots while his guild funnels him equipment likely.

He absolutely lives in a bubble, and I am convinced he can not understand that as many can't who live in these bubbles but the guy is very smart, it simply does not apply to his current job anymore.

Once upon a time his guilds site was THE place for knowing what goes on under the hood of the game, which was headed by Ion himself and we believed we wanted someone for him to take ghostcrawlers chair in the table... However, it turns out that simply because you're really knowledgeable about something doesn't mean you ought to be in control of it.

For instance say you have the best doctor in the world at your clinic, or best mechanic at your store or whatever... Why can you prevent them from performing that what they are clearly amazing at to do something else like running the hospital or store? You would not, so why did we do this with Ion?

It's not that Ion is not capable, or smart, or he's"playing out of the team"... It's that he is not even playing the same sport anymore. Game manager of a game isn't the exact same game as what got him to where he is, which will be theorycraft understanding and application via amounts.

You can clearly see routines in Nathria nerfs when his guild were going for CE. After his guild was progressing M Sludgefist, we had the radius and harm need that week. Progressing Generals? Nerfed.There are two ways in which this can happen. The first, is that the developers are truly incompetent. They really have no idea how gamers can interact with their own systems they honestly need 6 weeks of collapse points to come to the same conclusion the playerbase came to through Alpha. The second fact is they're doing it on purpose, they intentionally emphasise QOL modifications and obvious improvements in order to artificially extend gametime and enhance performance metrics without needing to produce new content but rather just making existing content take more.

The second reality is that they're doing it on purpose, they intentionally withhold QOL modifications and noticeable improvements so as to artificially extend gametime and boost performance metrics without actually having to create new content but rather just making existing content take longer.

It's not just courses, but it is everything. Could you imagine how boring it must be to work on crafting? Gotta make that cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold new healthy part with all the new peace bloom and the brand new vial. What is it gonna look like? Oh it is a red bottle with some gold shit on it or something.